Marcus Gale Kids Music


Hey Friends,

Miss Mary and I are always as busy as Spring Bumblebees.

Check out the updated website!!

Now it will be much easier to share all our exciting adventures.

Of course Big Dog & Little Dog are in on this too!

Being the social creatures they are, they can’t wait for some good ol’ dog blogging,

and their smart phones are all set up for

tweetin, postin, linking, and bacon; and they are ready for whatever new

cyber-barking frequency comes along.

OK PLEASE….. Sign Up, Follow, Like, Share, Pin, Link, Add, and ……

Purchase some fine music here: GREAT KIDS MUSIC

Love and More Love,

Marcus, Miss Mary, Big Dog & Little Dog

Welcome Friends!

Welcome Friends to my new blog and website !

Big Dog, Little Dog and I are smiling at you because we are happy to see you!

Today is a great day on planet earth, the sun is in the sky and there is music in the air !

We are cooking up some adventures and will share them all here.

Hug & Kisses,

Me and the dogs